Alibaba unveils its own AI chip for cloud computing

The firm is already utilizing the chip for components of its enterprise, together with product search and computerized translations for its e-commerce websites, in addition to for promoting and customized suggestions. informed CNBC that it has no plans to promote the chip — it plans to make use of the part to energy its cloud computing enterprise as a substitute. It might ultimately result in extra cloud product choices for its prospects, however for now, firm CTO Jeff Zhang mentioned Alibaba plans “to empower [its] clients by providing access through [its] cloud the advanced computing that is made possible by the chip, anytime and anywhere.”

Huawei’s and Alibaba’s transfer reveals Chinese tech corporations’ efforts to cease counting on American companies. In Huawei’s case, the US commerce ban towards it means the corporate will now not be capable to supply its chips from companies within the nation, equivalent to Intel and Qualcomm. That’s why Huawei additionally designed its own 5G chip for cellular and why it is even creating an Android different.

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