Ask Engadget: What cooking gadgets can I bring to college?

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee
Senior Editor

From having a look round on-line, it seems like the record of permissible differs beautiful extensively from establishment to establishment. Some restrict any cooking gadgets, whilst some forbid pieces with uncovered heating parts (that means, a hotplate could be a no-go).

At a look, it seems like UC Berkeley does not permit any electrical cooking units aside from for a microwave. Stanford does not permit toasters, however does permit toaster ovens. MIT may not even permit a Keurig espresso maker in a dorm room. TL;DR, It’s much more likely than no longer that you will not be allowed to bring many kitchen electronics (if any) for protection laws however it does not harm to test your college or school’s website online. Some faculties be offering flats as a substitute of dorms that have extra lenient regulations.

However, when it comes to issues it’s worthwhile to imagine there are a handful of easy units that can supply some beautiful flexible choices. You can move some distance with a mini refrigerator, a microwave, an electrical kettle and/or a non-public blender. Think: hardboiled eggs, smoothies, oatmeal, pasta. There are quite a few recipes on-line for speedy and wholesome dorm foods that can be made the use of a unmarried software, however it additionally is helping to consider foods that require extra prep or meeting and not more exact cooking. Things like antipasto spreads, hummus platters with pita and veggies, or sandwiches. It’ll a minimum of be offering some respite from all the ones ramen nights you might be most probably to have.

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