‘Dauntless’ leaves early access with a big update on September 26th

The 1.zero patch will roll out September 26th, kickstarting the following season of referred to as Aether Unbound. There’ll be a new weapon, referred to as the aether strikers, and one other Behemoth so that you can sort out: Tempestborne Stormclaw. You may familiarize yourself with a bounty system to realize expertise, in addition to a new Hunt Pass, via which you’ll be able to earn rewards.

“Aether Unbound celebrates the end result of the final 5 years of Dauntless growth, however additionally it is the following step in our journey collectively,” CEO Jesse Houston wrote in a letter. “We have even more exciting content coming soon this year and beyond. More Behemoths, more weapons, more challenges, and more ways to slay.”

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