Facing your AI self at the ‘Neural Mirror’ art installation

Facing your AI self at the 'Neural Mirror' art installation

Ultravioletto used some fascinating tech to create the installation. The “mirror” is in fact an OLED panel with a reflective coating that may act as each a replicate and a show, in conjunction with a depth-sensing digital camera. It generates an eerie, Matrix-like doppleganger of the customer, whilst showing (and printing) creepy information about their ethnicity, facial geometry, facial expressions and extra. “The amazing thing is that these technologies are available for everybody,” Ultravioletto’s Bruno Capezzuoli informed Dezeen.

The finish result’s lovely dramatic. According to the video, above, you first see your true mirrored image, then a virtual you that is temporarily assembled via the device. As you progress your frame, face and arms, the synthetic model strikes in conjunction with you. The AI device chooses the taste and hues for the symbol in keeping with the information that it captures. The published information, in the meantime, is gifted in JSON JavaScript-type code.

If it kind of feels like the device is stealing your non-public data to create the symbol, that is precisely the level. “Artificial intelligence extracts all of our behaviors in a shady way then transforms them into a form of wealth for corporations. Here this process is well declared and explained to the user. They can see in real time what kind of data we are capturing,” mentioned Capezzuoli.

Unlike, say, Facebook or Google, Neural Mirror is up-front about what it is doing, and is the usage of your information for art, no longer trade. As it is set in a former church, the installation is designed to make you mirror (because it have been) on the use of such invasive era in the fashionable age. “For us it remains as bare knowledge, not refined, the beauty of data as data, with no interpretation,” mentioned Capezzuoli.

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