Home and Away spoilers: Robbo is held captive in a pit by his family’s killer

Robbo kidnapped

Robbo has been kidnapped (Picture: Channel 5)

Robbo (Jake Ryan) has simply rescued Jasmine (Sam Frost) from Des (Matt Zeremes) and Fitz (Nathan Sapford) after a traumatic kidnapping state of affairs, however as he prepares to depart the nation with her for his or her safety, he is knocked out and taken by a mysterious determine.

We subsequent see Robbo being held captive in a pit with a lengthy wall chain fixed to his ankle. It’s clear he’s been there for fairly a while. He calls out for assist, however no one solutions.

Eventually, the door unlocks and Robbo walks out to a large shock – Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) is ready for him. Robbo can’t conceal his anger and disgust – this is the person who killed his household.

Dylan Carter and Robbo

Dylan lastly reveals himself to Robbo (Picture: Channel 5)

Dylan asks Robbo why he’s been making an attempt to trace him down, however Robbo received’t reveal something. Instead, he goads Dylan, making an attempt to get below his pores and skin.

However, Dylan quickly works out what Robbo is doing and tasers him in the chest, saying he’s the one in management.

Robbo retains going, hitting Dylan’s weak spot when he mentions Kat (Pia Miller). Dylan blows up, ordering Robbo to not discuss her.

Robbo tells Dylan that she by no means liked him, and he snaps, charging at Robbo. However, Robbo is prepared for the assault and sweeps him off his ft, wrapping the chain round his neck. What will he do now?

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