How ILMxLAB’s ‘Vader Immortal’ is bringing ‘Star Wars’ into VR

“We’ve helped a lot of studios and IP owners make experiences that were a good but fairly slight, and essentially functionally demos or adjacent to other experiences or movie,” mentioned Colum Slevin, head of media at ’s AR/ Experiences Group. “And then for the team to show up and say no, we want to make a canonical, integral three part narrative that exists in the universe but stands on its own, we were sold.”

It additionally helps that the ILMxLAB staff has the total help of your entire franchise, Finley says. The people at Skywalker Sound might help them craft an expertise that sounds and feels identical to the flicks. And most significantly, the Story Group staff helps them weave their storyline into the sequence’ canon. “Those guys have giant throbbing brains filled with all of the story of the world,” Finley mentioned.

That’s how will get into really deep lower Star Wars territory. The first episode faucets into moments from the prequel movies, and you may find yourself encountering a mysterious artifact known as the “Protoblade,” an early medieval-looking lightsaber, this time round. Of course, all of these geeky beats should be balanced with telling a strong story.

“The Story Group particularly is against fan service for it’s own sake,” Snow mentioned. “And I think we are too… I think it’s better for us as artists in xLAB to be creating this stuff that’s our story and, not just, this is sort of an advertisement for something else. That’s not what we want to do.”

While Finley and Snow could not say a lot about what ILMxLAB is doing subsequent, it is clear that the corporate is studying from the success of Vader Immortal. Perhaps subsequent time, we’ll have a full season’s value of Star Wars VR to dive into.

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