Korg Volca Modular synth review: As weird as it is affordable


Now, to be transparent, I’m now not new to the sector of synths. I personal a couple of (together with a few Volcas) and perceive the rules at paintings. But I’m way more acquainted with East Coast, or subtractive synthesis. This is the manner of synthesis popularized by way of device makers like Moog, the place a harmonically wealthy sound supply is formed essentially during the filtering, or elimination, of frequencies. (This is a little bit of an oversimplification, however it will do for our functions.) This is normally what folks recall to mind after they consider the sound of a .

West Coast synthesis, as embodied by way of the likes of Buchla, is going in a far other course. Generally, it begins with a easy sound supply (on this case a unmarried triangle wave) after which applies more than a few waveshaping purposes, like frequency modulation or wave folding, to generate one thing extra advanced. And, possibly simply as essential, those synths frequently dispense with the acquainted piano-style keyboard.

A modular synthesizer is simply that — it’s modular. This signifies that somewhat than a predetermined sign trail, you in truth have to mix more than one portions and twine them in combination to get the sound you wish to have. Now, to be transparent, the Modular is what is known as “semimodular.” That way it is prewired and can make sound correct out of the field. But you’ll reroute the sign the usage of patch cables to succeed in other results.

In brief, I used to be getting into unsure territory after I opened the field. The tool I used to be having a look at was once obviously a Volca. It’s the similar measurement and form as each and every different device within the sequence. And it has a large number of the similar design DNA, from the recessed contact strip and tiny plastic knobs to the small rivets within the nook of the faceplate. But keyboard had no sharps or residences, there have been a number of tiny cables within the field, and it had abnormal labels like LPG (low go gate) and “woggle.” It was once truthfully slightly intimidating.

Korg Volca Modular

Thankfully did one thing slightly out of personality: It equipped helpful documentation.

Most Volca’s include one huge sheet of folded paper that explains best essentially the most elementary purposes of the tool. The Modular and FM additionally include a reference card that permits you to make sense in their fairly sophisticated interfaces briefly. But at the again of the cardboard for the Modular also are some easy patching directions that inform you what wires to attach the place to get elementary purposes like an LFO (low-frequency oscillator) or ring modulation.

The Modular additionally comes with a 2nd piece of enormous folded paper that incorporates numerous instance patches. This is about as shut as you might be gonna get to a preset right here. But that is OK. Having to hook up the wires each and every time I sought after to make a brand new sound in reality compelled me to be informed how the more than a few portions of the synth interacted. I could not fall again on an ideal gut-rumbling bass constructed by way of a extremely educated sound fashion designer at Korg; I needed to determine it out for myself.

That mentioned, there is one factor I saved working into time and time once more. It seems, it’s arduous to get one thing that you’d name historically musical out of the ’s two analog oscillators. It is, by way of design, more or less weird and abrasive sounding. It excels at noisy squelches, percussive clicks and steel stabs. If you might be hoping to get refined pads or a vintage synth lead sound of this, you can be sorely upset. But when you’ve ever questioned what a number of water droplets would sound like in the event that they did a pile of cocaine, smartly, the may simply have the solution.

As atonal as lots of the sounds it produces are, they are nonetheless fairly a laugh to clutter with. The 8 modules and 50 patch issues come up with such a lot of other combos to discover. And the variability of noises the Modular spits out are not like anything within the Volca vary. The Volca Keys, Beats, Bass, Kick, Drum or even FM are all beautiful immediately ahead. While the FM will also be tough to program, they all are rather speedy and fill acquainted musical niches. The Modular, however, is way more experimental, way more alien and calls for way more persistence to get essentially the most out of it. I don’t imply that as a destructive, although. It simply makes the Volca Modular distinctive amongst Korg’s lineup of entry-level synths.

Like the remainder of the Volca vary, there are sacrifices made to stay the device transportable and battery-powered. The knobs are small, and in deficient lighting fixtures, it will also be tough to inform the place they are set. (I’ve used a white-out pen to mark the notches on my FM and Keys for higher visibility.) Tiny changes will have an enormous have an effect on at the sound, too, which may make recapturing one thing you prefer problematic. The speaker is additionally satisfactory at highest. It’s great that you just should not have to plug in headphones or an exterior speaker to get sound from a Volca. But the inner one is kinda small and tinny.