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NASA chooses four potential asteroid sample sites for OSIRIS-REx

The undeniable fact that OSIRIS-Rex used to be designed to spot sample sites with an 82-foot radius made issues much more tough. To have the ability to to find four boulder-free spaces, the venture group needed to alter the spacecraft’s sample website online id procedure with the intention to hit upon sites with a radius of 16 to 33 toes. The scientists additionally needed to give its navigation features an accuracy spice up with the intention to goal smaller sites than anticipated.

The OSIRIS-Rex group caught to the venture’s Egyptian-themed naming scheme and christened the four sites Nightingale, Kingfisher, Osprey and Sandpiper — all birds local to Egypt. They range in geological options: Nightingale comprises fine-grain darkish fabrics, Kingfisher has hydrated minerals, Osprey can have carbon-rich fabrics, whilst Sandpiper may just yield water-rich samples. OSIRIS-REx will take close-up pictures of the four sites and analyze them intimately q4. That will give you the venture group the knowledge it wishes to make a choice the principle and backup sample sites in December.

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