Oculus’ latest concept headset has electronic varifocal lenses

2 is a smaller and lighter model of that — it weighs 200 grams lower than its predecessor. While it has a narrower visual view than the earlier prototype (which had a 140-degree FOV), it is nonetheless 20 p.c wider than that of Oculus Quest. The system makes use of voice coil actuators and flexure hinge arrays. Compared with the unique Half Dome, the elements are quieter, have much less friction and are extra sturdy.

The developments made with Half Dome three appear rather more substantial. The varifocal system in that ditches the transferring mechanical elements for an electronic model, which is an enormous contributing consider making Half Dome three even smaller than the opposite prototypes whereas eliminating noise and vibrations.

Oculus Half Dome 3 focus demo

It packs in a “new type of liquid crystal lens made from a thin, alternating stack of two flat optical elements: polarization-dependent lenses (PDLs) and switchable half-wave plates,” in keeping with the Oculus weblog. “By stacking a series of PDLs and switchable half-wave plates on top of each other, we’re able to achieve smooth varifocal that lets you comfortably and seamlessly adjust your focus in the headset.”

With six liquid crystal lenses, the system can cycle by means of 64 focal planes (the quantity doubles with every further lens) for clean transitions between focal depths. When a lens is off, it is centered on a distant object i.e. the plant within the under GIF. If it is on, denoted on this case by showing in orange, it is specializing in a better object — the dinosaur.

Oculus Half Dome 3 focus demo

Ultimately, Abrash and Facebook count on these developments may make it extra snug for folks to spend extra time in , probably opening the door to digital collaborative workspaces you can keep in for hours at a time. In Abrash’s imaginative and prescient for such areas, you’d have “the flexibility to work together with actual environment and use a keyboard and mouse, to share the digital house with different folks, and to control each actual and digital objects along with your palms, full with haptic suggestions.” Of course, extra seamless transitions between focal depths could be a profit for video games too.

Since these are simply prototype headsets and the work’s within the analysis stage, that imaginative and prescient is a way off. So do not count on to spend all day in VR conferences any time quickly, until your boss or shopper is a sadist.

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