SpaceX’s plan for in-orbit Starship refueling: a second Starship

During an replace on the SpaceX Starship program, simply confirmed off a temporary clip that defined a part of the plan for utilizing these autos to succeed in Mars. It concerned a in orbit round Earth, assembly a similarly-sized automobile to refuel earlier than it goes on the lengthy journey to a different planet. Musk has lengthy touted his want to make human life “multiplanetary” and expressed this as the way in which to attain his objective.

In a graphic, the method is defined as “Propellant settled by milli-g acceleration using control thrusters.” The approach Musk described it, being able to refuel a Starship means it could actually carry a full 1200 ton propellant load when leaving Earth’s orbit. He additionally confirmed off an up to date model of the Starship’s design, with its 50m-long physique coated in 301 chrome steel, with ceramic tiles in sure excessive warmth areas.

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