Telegram hasn’t given up on its ‘Gram’ cryptocurrency

The currency — which has been rumored for a while — will operate with a decentralized structure similar to Bitcoin. The coins will apparently be stored in a digital wallet, which plans to offer to its 200 million global users.

However, the has largely been born of 2018’s $1.7 billion investment round in the company. In legal documents seen by the Times, Telegram has promised investors it would deliver Grams by October 31st or return their money, so the company is up against a tight deadline.

The very nature of Telegram will add a layer of complexity to the process, too. The platform allows users to send encrypted messages between phones, which has made it unpopular with some governments. The company has always operated with a level of opacity, and given its plans to operate Gram like — which could make it easier to avoid regulations — it’s likely to come under some pretty intense scrutiny if it does hit its launch deadline.

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