Things get weird when a neural net is trained on text adventure games


The reply is fairly weird. Shane aptly describes the expertise as “dreamlike,” with the setting incessantly, and seemingly with out purpose, altering from scene to scene. For instance, in a single playthrough, the opened the sport with a scene set in house solely then to shortly transition issues to a “labyrinth of twisty little passages, all alike.” If there’s a throughline to lots of the eventualities, it is Zork, one of many games used to coach the neural net and a traditional within the style. The AI will incessantly name on the 40-year-old recreation to react to the participant, most of the time presenting trolls as an impediment to progress. See under:

The troll steps out from beneath the bridge and blocks your means.
You are on the south aspect of the chasm.
A nod is given to the infinite marvel that is Urbzig.
A strong rainbow spans the chasm.

Another quirk of the sport is that it would not move like a conventional narrative: there is no starting, center and finish to every situation. Instead, every session is an infinite marathon, with extra trolls than bridges. And but what’s exceptional about every scene is how they nail the tone of traditional PC adventure games. There’s one thing about how the AI jumps from situation to situation that captures the ambiance of these games. If you wish to embark on your individual AI-generated fever dream, you are able to do so by visiting the Google Colab doc Nathan created. Just be ready for a DOS-like expertise. It’s a part of the enchantment.