25 People Reveal The Absolutely Disgusting Things They Secretly Do With Their Partner

Many people in relationships have two lives—the one we publish on social media and present the general public, and the one we stay behind closed doorways. Let’s be actual, many people who’re in relationships have a “secret private life” the place we do some bizarre ass shit with our vital different—stuff that might be seemed down upon by society.


I categorical the blackheads he will get behind his ears and pop the zits on his again. He has tattoos and that i really feel like I get bonus factors if discover a again pimple hidden in a tattoo. We actively argue who has the best to pop the juicy ones. —rachelsporyh


We faux like we’re stepping into for a very mushy and romantic kiss. Then we simply wrap our lips spherical the opposite individuals nostril and blow as laborious as attainable. Makes a superb sound, like a foghorn. —sarahscarisbrickl


We play this recreation known as the “foot game” the place we attempt to get our foot on one another’sfaces. It usually leads to wrestling or being scared that while you least anticipate it, you’ll get a foot in your face. —corkeyduh


My husband poops each morning and normally after dinner, like clockwork, and he usually calls me within the toilet to speak. Half of me enjoys the chat, the opposite half is disgusted by the smells, sights and sounds of the person I’ve intercourse with pooping a couple of toes from me. —mamameows


We at all times use the identical toothbrush. —maryj4d5602786


My husband will lick my face as a result of he thinks its humorous after I get away in pimples so I lick him again and we get into these wrestling licking contest attempting to get the final lick till somebody calls even stevens lol typing this out makes me understand we’re bizarre and gross lol. —emiretl


Burp in one another’s faces, attempting to be as lengthy and loud as attainable. —thatkellygirl


We’re really like tremendous gross. He at all times pops my pimples, I scratch his balls, we use the bathroom in entrance of one another and haven’t any disgrace about farting. Occupied with it now, we’re a very gross couple-ew. —Kojinute


I’m undecided if anybody else is aware of this… however you’ll be able to pull up on the pores and skin and blow up an uncircumcised penis like a balloon. Have we don’t that on a number of events? Does it at all times make us snort? Sure. And sure. —K_Supreeze


I pee in each bathe I’m ever in. So if we’re sharing a bathe, he’s getting peed on too. —frozenbanana