70yo Elephant Forced to Walk for Miles With Weak & Malnourished Body Hidden by Costume

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This is heartbreaking!

A 70-year- named Tikiri has been compelled to stroll lengthy distances each evening in order that other people can really feel “blessed” at a non secular competition.

According to Metro UK, the sickly feminine elephant is so thin that you’ll see her bones, rib cage and backbone thru her sagging pores and skin, however as a result of she is made to put on a vibrant dress for the parade, other people gazing her can’t see her frame beneath.

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Lek Chailert, founding father of Save Elephant Foundation, an organisation that rescues elephants in Thailand, mentioned that Tikiri is without doubt one of the 60 elephants being compelled to paintings for 10 nights in a row on the Esala Perahera, probably the most oldest and grandest of all Buddhist gala’s that includes fire-breathers, dancers and lavishly embellished elephants in Kandy, .

She mentioned that so as to make the elephants walks slower in the course of the chaotic crowd within the evening parade, quick are put on their legs. 

“Tikiri joins within the parade early each night till overdue at evening each evening for ten consecutive nights, amidst the noise, the fireworks, and smoke. She walks many kilometers each evening in order that other people will really feel blessed all through the rite,” she mentioned.

Chailert additionally says that nobody can see her bony frame or her weakened situation, and nobody sees the tears in her eyes which might be injured by the intense lighting that beautify her masks.

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“No one sees her difficulty to step as her legs are short shackled while she walks. For a ceremony, all have the right to belief as long as that belief does not disturb or harm another,” she mentioned.

“How can we call this a blessing, or something holy, if we make other lives to ? Today is World Elephant Day. We cannot bring a peaceful world to the elephant if we still think that this image is acceptable.”

Source: Facebook

She provides that to love, to do no hurt and to apply a trail of kindness and compassion is the Way of Buddha.

A spokesperson for the Sacred Tooth Relic, a Buddhist temple that hosts the competition, mentioned that they “always care about the animals” and showed Tikiri were observed by an elephant physician.

Poor Tikiri! Hopefully she is rescued from such merciless remedy and that she shall be sorted by excellent house owners

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