A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman on co-star Sara Damergi ‘This is madness’


Jasmine Harman, 43, admitted she was in for a surprise when she first found out about Sara Damergi, 39, joining A Place In The Sun. The latter, who is not currently on the Channel 4 show, was introduced to Jasmine by an unlikely connection. Speaking about the moment exclusively to Express.co.uk, the presenter explained: “I don’t know Sara very well but I did actually speak to her yesterday on the phone because I took part in the podcast that she does. “I do think she’s been missed, she’s doing Coast vs Country so viewers can still get their fix.”

Opening up about the moment she first discovered Sara got a job on the show, she recalled: “We had a funny coincidence when Sara first got the job on the show. 

“I had a dog at the time, Shadow, who’s died unfortunately, but my dog walker came home one day and she said, ‘I walk this other little dog and his owner said she’s the new presenter on A Place In The Sun’.

“I said, ‘What? What are you talking about? This is madness.’” 

Jasmine laughed at the confusion as she continued: “Anyway it turned out it was Sara, but no one knew yet so she thought she was safe to tell the dog walker.”

The presenter also reflected on a “really difficult” issue she experienced on location for the programme.

She said: “We do a one million pound plus property at the end of each episode and I remember once turning up to a property and we had seen it for sale online.”

Unfortunately for Jasmine, the images of the house did not accurately represent the state of the property.

The star explained: “We hadn’t been to see it in the flesh and when we arrived the pool had been left, the water was green/black, and the whole place was really dusty and filthy. 

“It was right on the beach but right in front of it there was a building site where a new house was being built so about 50 per cent of your view was obscured. So that was a bit of a catastrophe.”

Elsewhere, Jasmine Harman revealed she was taking on a new role outside of A Place In The Sun last week.

The property expert posted a selfie in view of her 25,800 Instagram followers yesterday from the Global Radio Studios in London.

Jasmine was pictured sitting in the studio while wearing a pair of headphones.

She wore a lilac sheer vest top accessorised with a silver necklace and opted for a bold shade of purple on her lips.

The Channel 4 favourite divulged she was recording a voiceover for Sun Hat Villas and Resorts, which offers luxury holiday rentals in the Algarve, Balearics, Tuscany, Sicily, Barbados and Croatia.

She captioned the snap: “Cheeky voiceover with the lovely team from @sunhatvillas. It’s making me want to go back to Portugal! Luckily I’m off again on Sunday!”

Jasmine added the hashtags: “#lovemyjob #woohoo #villa #voiceover #travel @visitportugal.”

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.