Antiques Roadshow: Stunning diamond brooch received in the post worth huge fortune

“The craftsmanship at the again of that is faultless. This is all hand-done. The date is round 1820. Set in silver, English, however take a look at the means the piercing at the again? It is basically actually stunning… Numerous character,” Joanna stated describing the merchandise.

Admiring the historical past of the valuable piece of jewelry, Joanna continued to elucidate to the visitor: “Cushion formed diamonds are so magical in their character… It is a part of an period that’s gone.”

“At auction, even though it’s not in its entirety as a pair of earrings. You’re looking at a region of around thirty to forty thousand pounds.”

After the surprising valuation, the visitor exclaimed: “Wonderful! I’m hardly ever speechless.” 

Antiques Roadshow continues on Sunday on BBC One at 8pm.

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