Breeder jailed for keeping more than 100 dogs in dreadful conditions at her home

A breeder has been jailed after she was discovered with more than 100 dogs residing in dreadful conditions at her home. 

Lynn Stoker, 63, was jailed for 21-weeks, ordered to pay £50,000 in prices and banned from keeping animals for life, the RSPCA mentioned.

The animal welfare charity initially tried to assist Stoker with the provide of veterinary help and re-homing, after they visited her home in Byrness, Northumberland.

But after inspections discovered nothing had improved, a warrant was executed in May. Officers discovered 107 dogs, many in poor well being, six puppies, three tortoises and two cats.

Puppies have been among the many dogs she saved. (PA)

The RSPCA inspector who led the investigation mentioned Stoker fed the dogs meals waste from a military base and didn’t give them sufficient clear water.

Dogs had been saved in darkish rooms and outbuildings, some in coaching cages and others in soiled kennels.

Other dogs have been allowed to roam free across the property in a pack.

Dogs had been saved in darkish rooms and outbuildings, some in coaching cages and others in soiled kennels. (PA)

There have been so many dogs, together with chihuahuas, shih-tzu crosses, cockerpoos and bulldogs, that few had names.

She was convicted of 15 animal welfare offences following a trial at South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court. 

Inspector Heidi Cleaver, who led the investigation, mentioned each animal was affected by one or more welfare points.

She mentioned: “When we walked into one of many again rooms of the home we have been simply surrounded by dogs – they swarmed round our toes.

“Others have been saved in crates and cages – some stacked on prime of others – whereas others have been saved outdoors in darkish, damp and chilly kennels with no bedding.

“The house was chaotic and noisy and there was nowhere for any of the dogs to escape from each other.”

She added: “The dogs were fed on left-overs from an army base – for example bacon, sausages – which are full of saturated fat, high in salt and not conducive to a healthy and balanced diet.”

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