Brexit: John Bercow warns Boris Johnson against disobeying no-deal law

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John Bercow has warned Boris Johnson against disobeying the law designed to cease a no-deal Brexit, saying Parliament would thwart that.

In a speech, the Speaker stated the one potential Brexit was one backed by MPs.

A brand new law, handed earlier than the suspension of Parliament, forces the PM to hunt a delay till 31 January 2020, until a deal or no-deal exit is authorized by MPs by 19 October.

The PM has stated he would reasonably be “dead in a ditch” than ask for a delay.

The law acquired royal assent on Monday, the ultimate day that MPs sat on this session.

Parliament was prorogued for 5 weeks within the early hours of Tuesday.

The UK is because of go away the EU on 31 October, however the brand new law handed by MPs may prolong that deadline.

Delivering a lecture in London, Mr Bercow stated: “Not obeying the law must surely be a non-starter. Period.”

He stated it will be a “terrible example to set to the rest of society”.

“The only form of Brexit which we will have, whenever that might be, will be a Brexit that the House of Commons has explicitly endorsed,” he stated.

“Surely, in 2019, in modern Britain, in a parliamentary democracy, we – parliamentarians, legislators – cannot in all conscience be conducting a debate as to whether adherence to the law is or isn’t required.”

He referred to as it “astonishing” that “anyone has even entertained the notion”.

He additionally in contrast any try to shun the law over the extension of Article 50 – the method by which the UK leaves the EU – with a financial institution robber excusing their crime by giving their stolen money to charity.

“One should no more refuse to request an extension of Article 50 because of what one might regard as the noble end of departing from the EU as soon as possible, than one could possibly excuse robbing a bank on the basis that the cash stolen would be donated to a charitable cause immediately afterwards,” he stated.

If the federal government comes near disobeying the Act, the MP stated that Parliament “would want to cut off such a possibility and do so forcefully”.

On Thursday, Mr Johnson insisted the UK “will be ready” to go away the EU by the present 31 October deadline with out an settlement “if we have to”.

In response to the publication of the federal government’s Yellowhammer doc, an evaluation of an affordable worst-case state of affairs within the occasion of a no-deal Brexit, Mr Johnson reiterated it was “the worst-case scenario”.

“In reality we will certainly be ready for a no-deal Brexit if we have to do it and I stress again that’s not where we intend to end up,” Mr Johnson stated.

Mr Bercow has introduced he will stand down as Commons Speaker and MP on the subsequent election or on 31 October, whichever comes first.

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