Bruce Davison Talks Along Came the Devil 2, Vincent Price, and the X-Men Legacy

Last month, Along Came the Devil 2 continued the indie horror franchise that stars X-Men and Willard veteran Bruce Davison in the function of Reverend Michael, a preacher who finds himself battling the forces of evil and standing between satanic energy and the finish of the world. In the movie, “after receiving an unsettling voicemail, Jordan (Wiggins) returns home, looking for answers, only to find her estranged father and even more questions. A demonic force has attached itself to the town and no one is safe. The only one who seems to know anything is the small town’s Reverend.”

Davison is joined in the movie by Laura Wiggins, Tiffany Fallon, Mark Ashworth, and extra. It was directed by Jason DeVan, who did the 2013 fan movie John Stewart: Rise of the New Lantern.

Davison not too long ago joined to speak about Along Came the Devil 2, out on streaming video on demand platforms now.

At this level in your profession between your common look and your voice and your physique of labor, you I feel have constructed up a popularity as a guy who can play these sorts of authoritative characters. Do you actively hunt down the variant of these the place you may experiment a bit and have it’s barely completely different?

I’ll inform you, it is loads easier than that. You grow old and you get typecast in several elements. And after I was younger, I used to be a younger weirdo for awhile for Willard and the rats, and the X-Men comes alongside and you are typecast as the authoritarian Senator, and one thing else comes alongside and you are the loopy professor. So, I actually simply go the place I’m kicked. And as we grow old, these are the elements. You’re enjoying the Reverend and the guys which might be presupposed to be authoritarian, which have type of some information of the world simply occurs as you grow old.

Well, is there one thing that draws you to a franchise like this?

I did the unique one after I met the producers, the DeVans. And I actually beloved them, they seem to be a pleasant household. They make mother and pop films on their very own bucks and do it. Family does the catering, and all people’s concerned. And I actually loved working with them out of Buford, Georgia. And so it was a pleasant alternative to return and be a part of their household once more.

So that is mainly why I’m working with them on this one. And I simply, I’ve gotten to the level the place I love to do impartial . They’re the most enjoyable. Corporate ones come alongside for some time, however 25 folks deciding what is going on to promote this 12 months, that is an entire different bag than flying by the seat of your pants doing an impartial movie.

When you are doing one thing like this the place it’s a sequel, is it onerous so that you can type of — I do not need to say keep , as a result of clearly that is your job and you are good at it — however do you as an actor attempt to type of differentiate this movie, or attempt to monitor the place your character has gone in the intervening years, in order that you do not really feel such as you’re simply doing the similar factor once more?

Yeah, you attempt to have consistency. What is that this character’s journey? And we kicked that round loads, again and forth. Jason had some concepts, I had others, and he kind of comes up with what he thinks goes to work greatest for the movie. I’m only a character in the movie; it is mainly his story. So he’s going to hold it the manner he’s going to need to do this. You get extra of a possibility to be collaborative in one thing if you’re working with a writer-director and folks which might be arms on. At the second, I’m about to start out one other one with one other writer-director and I’m wanting ahead to that.

Do you’re feeling like working in impartial movie, you find yourself doing quite a lot of horror as a result of that is the place there’s nonetheless a marketplace for it, or is that simply my notion as a result of I work in the style area?

I feel that is extra your notion. I acquired to satisfy Vincent Price and I acquired to be pals with him, and I simply beloved what he did. And his recommendation was, he mentioned he loved doing the Hammer movies and the Doctor Phibes and all of these greater than anything in his life. He actually loved his time as a contract participant and every little thing else, however the place he actually loved himself was in the grand scheme of being what grew to become Vincent Price. And I at all times admired that, and it at all times appealed to me.

In that vein, are there any sorts of filmmakers in the impartial area that you just type of take a look at and go, “Yeah, one of these days I’m going to find a way to work with that guy.”

Everybody that comes alongside. I definitely have heroes. I grew up with Scorsese and folks like that and Spielberg and all of these folks, however kind of labored with most of them. But I do not know, there’s at all times anyone else coming alongside that is type of thrilling. Whoever has acquired a brand new concept, a brand new story, and a brand new manner of the world and making their films. So I’m very grateful at my age to nonetheless be working. It’s been fairly a possibility to nonetheless be kicking round. The roles have modified.

I nonetheless have some company alternatives, however what I take pleasure in most I feel are the impartial movies. There’s much less strain to reach a manner that’s underneath an enormous company thumb. I discover that satisfying.

As somebody who was there at the very starting, I truly requested Rebecca Romijn not too long ago, as anyone who was there from the very starting with the X-Men franchise, what do you make of the nonstop barrage of superhero movie and TV now? Is that one thing you’d ever need to return to?

Well, I’d go the place I’m kicked. I’m a personality actor and some elements or one thing. They acquired an enormous payday or one thing, I’ll return and do it. But for the most half I like the first two X-Men and after that they kind of simply saved blowing shit up and stuff. So it did not fairly enchantment as a lot to me, however I’m glad I used to be there at the starting. It was a brand new concept at the time. That began as soon as once more a brand new concept following superheroes. Superman was a brand new concept when Chris [Reeve] was doing that and that got here alongside. But there aren’t that many concepts that folks provide you with which might be unique and at the time X-Men was unique. It had an unique tackle characters and life and it was like one thing new. It was new. But like all of these genres, they ultimately put on out.


This type of collection at all times has the potential to do sequels and prequels and all types of different type of issues. Is this a world that you just’d be open to coming again to?

Well, we’ll see. See what occurs, see what they provide you with. I’m large open to any prospects and then I can at all times say, “Ah, I’ve got something else down the road.” But perhaps we’ll make one thing fully completely different. I’d love working with the DeVans. They’re nice folks.

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