Chris Jericho Explains Where All of His Classic Catchphrases Came From

Chris Jericho Explains Where All of His Classic Catchphrases Came From
Chris Jericho Explains Where All of His Classic Catchphrases Came From

In the midst of his stolen AEW World Championship incident, Chris Jericho discovered himself going viral final week when his new “A Little Bit of the Bubbly” catchphrase went viral. Fans rapidly turned the phrase, which Jericho stated shortly after successful the world title at All Out, right into a hilarious meme by including it into dozens of traditional songs and video clips.

Jericho spoke concerning the meme blowing up in reputation on the newest episode of Talk Is Jericho. He confirmed what many followers already assumed in that the road got here from Jim Carrey within the film Dumb & Dumber.

“It’s lifted, not stolen, however lifted kind Dumb & Dumber, and very often I take advantage of motion pictures to get inspiration for some of the totally different catchphrases and all that kind of stuff.


He then listed out some of his most well-known catchphrases, and the place they originated.

  • Would You Please Shut the Hell Up — “[That] was taken from Happy Gilmore… [Adam Sandler’s] grandma is previous and the guy from the previous people’ house is Ben Stiller. She goes, ‘Can I’ve a glass of milk?’ and he goes, ‘You can have a glass of shut the hell up!'”
  • The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla — “That’s completely from The Road Warrior. Not the Road Warriors, the unique Road Warrior with Mel Gibson the place one of the characters is carrying a masks, I believe it is Lord Humongous, and the guy refers to him because the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla.”
  • Ask Him! — “[It] got here from Jushin Liger. He would say ‘Ask him! Ask him!’ when he had someone in a maintain.”
  • Best within the World at What I Do — “There have been so many ‘Best within the Worlds’ at that time. And at this cut-off date once I stated that, I actually believed that I used to be, on sure nights, the very best on this planet. Probably 2008-09. And of course that led to a reasonably good feud with CM Punk.”
  • You Just Made the List! — “That was a Jimmy Jacobs invention.”
  • You Stupid Idiot! — “That was simply me being silly.”
  • You’re going to get IT! — “I had tremendous confidence a pair of years in the past with catchphrases and the checklist and the ‘Gift of Jericho’ and all that kind of stuff. And I wished to see, virtually like a workshop, [I thought] ‘I believe I can get something over. Even the phrase It. Let me see if I can do it.'”
  • Drink it in, Maaaaan — “That got here from Paul McCartney. He was speaking about how each present, he would take a second to go to the entrance of the stage and never say something, simply take a look at all the group, take a look at all of the lights and simply drink it in. And then you definately add a ‘man’ on the finish, simply being obnoxious like a typical Jericho fool.”

Jericho is booked to wrestle at AEW’s premiere tv episode on TNT on Oct. 2. He’s booked to crew with two thriller companions and tackle Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

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