Classic DC Comics Villain Makes Deadly Debut on Titans

season 2 continues this week with the episode “Rose,” which introduces the daughter of Deathstroke the Terminator to the live-action DC Universe. However, Rose Wilson wasn’t the one DC Comics character making a debut in Titans this week: a traditional DC Comics villain obtained a horrific introduction to the present, as effectively.

That villain is none aside from Arthur Light, higher identified by his codename, Doctor Light!

When Doctor Light first seems within the episode, we discover the villain (performed by Michael Mosley) sitting in his jail cell. However, sounds exterior the cell alert Light that somebody is staging a bloody jailbreak. Light a predatory animal, Light comes loping out of this jail cell to discover a scene of mass carnage within the hallway, as somebody has slaughtered the guards. One guard continues to be alive, however sadly he turns into Light’s first sufferer in a protracted whereas, because the villain flash-fries the guard from the within out, utilizing his gentle powers. The live-action Doctor Light appears to combine the variations from the comics; within the DC books, Light has been powered by each an exterior go well with and his personal inner mastery of his powers. Titans appears to separate the distinction, with Light seemingly being a human enhanced by mechanical circuitry embedded in his physique.

If the jail slaughter introduction wasn’t sufficient, Doctor Light goes on to make his darkish current felt in a way more… explosive methods.

Throughout the remainder of Titans season 2 episode 2, Doctor Light strikes again on the members of the outdated Titans workforce. First, Hawk and Dove get a near-death shock when Light takes the younger drug accident the heroes are serving to to rehab, and fills the boy with sufficient gentle to make him right into a human bomb. Hawk and Dove narrowly get out of their woodland cabin earlier than the boy explodes.

The subsequent (and last) assault comes close to the tip of the episode. Dick Grayson is driving with Rose Wilson, attempting to persuade the girl to make a house with the Titans workforce. Dick cannot crack Rose’s icy exterior utterly, however does so simply sufficient to get the girl to share her identify. But as quickly as Dick begins to persuade Rose that the Titans could also be a god factor, he will get ambushed by a pleasant little gentle bomb that Doctor Light has left for him!


Additional dialogue from the present reveals that Light was positively a serious foe of the unique Titans workforce, who was put in jail and has been rotting away there for a while. So, it is comprehensible that the not-so-good physician harbors a severe grudge. However, it is clear Light is not working alone; Titans season 2 particulars have already hinted that he and Deathstroke will likely be combining forces, whereas one other DC villain featured within the episode (Shimmer’s battle with Donna Troy and Starfire) could trace that a whole coalition of Titan ex-foes could also be coming for revenge.

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