Dr Disrespect Blames Cowardly PUBG Players for Ruining the Game

Popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect would not like campers. Most folks know this, however apparently there’s loads of PUBG gamers who both do not know this or do not care, they usually proceed to be the bane of existence to the Two-Time. During a latest stream, Dr Disrespect defined what’s ruining the widespread battle-royale recreation. It’s not janky mechanics, bugs, or an absence of recent content material, it is cowardly gamers. In reality, the Two-Time claims it has gotten so unhealthy that he must take one other break from the recreation, as a result of sure gamers are ruining the expertise for him and inflicting him to be bored out of his thoughts.

“You’re boring me to death. You’re not playing video games. From yesterday to today, I have yet to die to someone legitimately,” defined the streamer throughout a tirade about the recreation. “That’s a reality. It’s plain and easy. I do not lose the one-on-ones. I do not. I can not keep in mind the final time I misplaced a 1 vs 1. It simply would not occur.

“We die by the p*****s behind the tress, hiding in the inside of the buildings. Every f*****g time. Every time we play the recreation, that is who we die to. The p*****s. I’m sick and uninterested in them getting away with it. How are they getting away with it?”

The streamer continues noting that gamers that use the sort of technique are the “worst gamers,” but they proceed to get by utilizing the tactic, a lot to his annoyance. Below, you’ll be able to watch the complete tirade for your self. Of course, there is a slab of specific language, so, should you’re at work, plug these headphones in.


As you might know, tenting and stealth techniques are quite common in PUBG in comparison with another battle royale video games. Some folks view it as technique, however there’s additionally loads of folks — together with Dr Disrespect — who clearly do not respect the playstyle in any respect.

PUBG is offered for cell gadgets, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For extra information, media, and knowledge on the recreation, click on right here. Meanwhile, for extra movies, content material, and offended rants from Dr Disrespect, here is your hyperlink.

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