Girls Claim That Landlord Loves Eating Vomit And Poop, Pays Them Up To RM133 To Supply the ‘Goods’

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Different folks have their very own bizarre pursuits, however some pursuits are simply so disgusting that you just may well be questioning if it’s even actual or just a few twisted fan fiction.

A person from Taiwan reportedly had a gaggle of women to urinate for him to drink! And if he can’t end it? Fret now not as we are living in a modernised generation the place the liquid can also be packed and put right into a fridge.

Apparently, the guy with will pay the ladies NT$500 ~ 1000 (about RM66 ~133) each and every time.

Attempting to be thoughtful, the guy wears a blindfold in order that the ladies gained’t really feel wired or embarrassed over him seeing them in the act. However, if the woman nonetheless will get too fearful to defecate on the spot, the man will give her a container so she will be able to field it up for him later. If the ‘meal’ isn’t completed, he’ll refrigerate and devour it at a later time. Don’t waste ‘food’, guys.

Source: Setn

The guy could also be reportedly a landlord, and his ‘supplies’ come from his feminine tenants, and he gives them NT$3000 (RM400) to do that ‘side job’ when he first recruits them. From then on, each time the ladies voluntarily poop on his face, he’ll pay them NT$500 ~ 1000 (about RM66 ~133).  With this tactic, he lured round 20 ladies into doing the deed.

The guy additionally purchases used lingerie and stockings from the ladies for ‘research purposes’.

It was once additionally stated that he sneaks into their rooms to gather their fallen hairs and nails.

There also are occasions the place the guy will convey the ladies to a quick meals eating place in order that they may be able to vomit on him later. For each and every vomit consultation, the ladies can if truth be told obtain as much as NT$500 (RM66). Being a ‘vomit connoisseur’, he’ll then provide an explanation for what the vomit if truth be told tastes like. “It tastes like sauteed corn, fragrant sesame, very fresh and delicious.” Well, no less than that’s what the ladies had stated, in line with what the guy advised them.

Source: Setn

Since the allegations got here to gentle, the guy, alternatively, stated that he was once if truth be told being framed and bullied by means of those ladies. According to him, there’s a feminine netizen who’s colluding with different netizens to discredit him. The indecent pictures had been stated to be the pictures taken when he was once being bullied.

“I am a righteous person. I take care of my own image. How can a normal person do this?”

At the similar time, the guy additionally wired that it’s if truth be told very tricky to devour feces.

The guy claims to be sane, like every other individual in the market, however the ladies stated that he if truth be told likes to devour poop and vomit. What say you? Share your reviews in the feedback segment.

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