Heseltine: I'll stay a Tory and fight our Right-wing zealots

Michael Heseltine right this moment hit out at hardline Brexit-backing Tories for the get together’s European election “disaster” — and branded them a “destructive force”. 

The Tory peer and former deputy prime minister had the Conservative whip suspended this week after saying he would again the Liberal Democrats in right this moment’s vote. Nevertheless, he right this moment insisted the wouldn’t give up the get together and as a substitute pledged to “stay and fight”. 

Writing for the Standard, Lord  Heseltine, 86, mentioned: “Some of those who are now attempting to take control of our party are not real Conservatives at all but a destructive force damaging to both my party and our country.”

He added: “When the results come in from these elections on Sunday night they are going to be a disaster for the Conservative Party. That will be the fault of the zealots on the Right who would not compromise and a leader who did not stand up to them as she could and should have done.” 

On his resolution to vote Lib Dem, he lamented shedding the whip however questioned why Brexiteers who’ve proven “sustained disloyalty” to the Prime Minister have been handled in another way.

He mentioned: “The more than likely consequence of this election will likely be a lengthy interval of bloodletting and recriminations. Certainly, it has already begun.

“I don’t know the way lengthy it’s going to take the Conservatives to recognise this catastrophe and rediscover its conventional path to energy — both via the aftermath from a catastrophic interval of Labour authorities or via the attraction of the insurance policies of One Nation  Conservatism, or maybe each.”

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