Injured seagull photographed with arrow embedded in head in Elgin

Injured seagullImage copyright Lesley Morrison
Image caption The seagull was photographed in Elgin

A seagull has been photographed with an arrow embedded in its head in Elgin.

The Scottish SPCA has not but been in a position to catch the injured chook, which continues to be flying across the Moray city.

Lesley Morrison, who took the {photograph} after recognizing the chook in Cooper Park on Tuesday, stated the seagull had appeared regular till it rotated and she noticed the arrow.

The Scottish SPCA stated the incident was “very concerning” and warned it was an offence to injure a gull.

Keen nature photographer Mrs Morrison stated the chook flew off after she took the image.

“I have always got the camera just in case,” she stated.

“It was there for ages walking about, pecking away. Then I saw this solid-looking arrow – it was well-embedded.”

She added that the chook had in any other case appeared wholesome.

‘Protected by regulation’

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Aimee Findlay appealed for details about what had occurred to the chook.

She stated: “The gull continues to be in a position to fly so we’ve not been in a position to comprise it.

“We are very involved for its wellbeing and are eager to deal with it as quickly as doable to stop an infection and additional damage and struggling.”

She stated that in July, the Scottish SPCA had investigated a report of a gull with an arrow by means of its physique in Ross-shire.

“This could be very regarding. We need to make it clear that gulls, like all birds, are protected by regulation and it’s a felony offence to intentionally injure or kill a gull,” she stated.

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