ITV Good Morning Britain: Kate Garraway missing as she’s replaced in last minute shake-up

Sean Fletcher and Ben Shephard introduced Good Morning Britain as of late, whilst Kate Garraway used to be noticeably absent.

With Richard Arnold additionally turning in the leisure information too, the ITV hosts joked in regards to the quantity of guys at the broadcast.

“Hello there, good morning,” Ben mentioned as the display opened. “It’s just gone six o’clock, welcome to the Magic Mike breakfast show!”

“It’s all gone very masculine, hasn’t it?” Sean requested.

Although, it quickly was transparent why Ben and Sean had been web hosting the display in combination.

“We should point out that Kate Garraway is ill,” Ben went on to inform audience as the display flashed up a photograph of the presenter.

Ben then laughed: “There’s a picture of her incase you don’t know what she looks like.”

“It’s like her obituary!” Richard Arnold seen. “This programme is brutal.

“She had dinner at mine last evening she simply hasn’t were given the stamina,” he joked.

Sean jested: “I just popped something in her coffee yesterday just so I could be in the hot seat.”

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Ben went on to provide an explanation for that Kate wasn’t in the studio as of late after falling in poor health the day prior to this.

He shared: “Kate wasn’t feeling great yesterday morning then sort of mid-way through the day she took to her bed, she’d had enough.”

Sean persisted: “I’m somewhat frightened individuals are tuning in and seeing two blokes and pondering ‘well, I’m positive I’m digging that’ however in truth I’m relatively glad to spot as Kate Garraway if that’s the case.

“You see a middle-aged black guy however in truth I’m Kate Garraway.”

Richard chuckled: “Tell you what, she’d settle for middle-aged.”

The trio had been joined at the programme by means of correspondent Katy Rickitt who’s in most cases noticed out and about overlaying the inside track around the throughout for GMB.

Ben defined: “Katy’s joined us on the desk as well, it’s lovely to have Kate in the studio, out of the wet and cold.”

Katy answered: “Thank you very a lot, I feel I took a detour at the M6 and ended up in an absolutely parallel universe!

“It’s heat and it’s snug and it’s beautiful!”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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