J.J. Abrams Calls Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker the Most Challenging Thing He’s Worked on

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker shall be right here in just some months, and anticipation is already constructing. J.J. Abrams is aware of the problem in entrance of him and thinks this movie might be the hardest factor he’s ever labored on. Star Wars’ YouTube channel caught up with the whole forged of the upcoming movie and requested some questions on their emotions heading into the final half of this new trilogy.

Abrams was requested particularly about the way it felt to stroll on stage at D23 and discuss the movie they have been creating. He stated, “It’s been a gift to work with these people again. To get to deal with these characters again. I didn’t think that was going to happen for me.” There should have been a interval of doubt that he’d be allowed a crack at this story once more and he’s seizing his alternative.

“This ending, which is such an important thing for all of us, by far, has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever worked on,” Abrams concluded.

This admission from the director is fairly staggering for a quantity of causes. Keep in thoughts that Abrams has been at the helm for a quantity of robust box-office performers and significant darlings over the years. But, nailing the touchdown of this new trilogy makes getting the finale of one thing like LOST proper appear like drops in a bucket. To say loads is driving on The Rise of Skywalker can be an understatement.

Star Wars followers may be arduous to please, however over the final 4 many years they’ve faithfully proven up for each installment. Every fandom has its share of poisonous followers, however some of the most vocal members of the Star Wars contingent have let their distate be recognized in disrespectful methods. Abrams’ final movie in the universe did not escape criticism on-line.

The filmmaker advised Marvelous TV how he offers with criticism and tips on how to steadiness that fan response with his method to creating movies at D23. He was very measured in addressing these responses to his work and the work of Rian Johnson as properly.

“You just have to be grateful for them, because you don’t want to be working on something no-one cares about,” Abrams answered. “And you have to understand that they’ve got their opinions and, of course, you have to value them. You’re never going to please everyone, you have to know that going in, and just do the best you can. I’m nothing but thankful as someone who considers myself a fan. I can’t wait for them to see the film.”


Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a bit divisive amongst followers as folks could not get sufficient of debating the deserves of ’s work. Abrams wouldn’t throw his fellow creator beneath the bus and delivered the message that he would not be doubling again on any of that progress.

“The story that we’re telling, the story that we began to conceive once we did The Force Awakens was allowed to proceed. Episode VIII did not actually derail something that we have been fascinated with,” Abrams advised the Associated Press. “But I will say that the fun of this movie is that these characters are all together on this adventure as a group. That’s the thing that I was most excited about to see, the dynamic between these characters that these amazing actors play on this desperate, seat-of-your-pants adventure. That, to me, was the most fun, having the group together.”

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