John Humphrys sparks outrage after saying women do a better job than men at looking after children

John Humphrys sparks outrage after saying women do a better job than men at looking after children

John Humphrys has sparked outrage after claiming that women are better than men at looking after young children.

The 75-year-old radio mentioned that selling the theory of women being excellent carers was once “desirable for society”.  

The Radio Four veteran made the feedback whilst discussing TV ads being banned below new gender stereotyping regulations.

A Philadelphia cushy cheese ad was once lately banned after 128 other people complained it perpetuated a damaging stereotype by way of suggesting men had been incapable of taking good care of children.

Banned: It was once dominated that the Philadelphia cheese ad advised men had been incapable of taking good care of children

The advert featured two fathers leaving a child on a buffet eating place conveyor belt whilst they had been distracted by way of meals. 

Another, for Volkswagen eGolf car, was once banned after it depicted adventurous men whilst a lady was once sat subsequent to a pram.

On Wednesday morning, whilst interviewing ​Jessica Tye of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Humphreys mentioned: “A lady looking after a child is, by way of any estimate, a very, superb and fascinating factor for society. 

“And and big. and this – perhaps I can be attacked for this – you (women) do a better job at it than men. At least in maximum of our revel in, I’d have concept.”

The 75-year-old then added: “To whom is it inflicting hurt when you display a lady sitting subsequent to a child in a pram? Lots of women sit down subsequent to young children in prams. How does this type of promoting hurt other people?”

When Ms Tye mentioned promoting may affect aspirations and profession possible choices, Humphrys spoke back: “You imply if a woman sees a mom… sitting in a park with a child in a pram (in an ad) she may suppose, ‘I do not need to be an astronaut, I need to be ‘simply’ a caregiver’.

“And I put the word ‘just’ in inverted commas because there’s nothing wrong with being a caregiver.”

Some listeners weren’t inspired.

Helen Stevens wrote on Twitter: “What a shocking interview by John Humphrys re gender stereotyping in adverts. His attitudes serve to illustrate why this type of advertising continues to exist.”Did I in point of fact simply pay attention John Humphreys say women are better at looking after children? @BBCr4today is lately a visitor editorship the place you profile old-fashioned and destructive perspectives? Struggling for any other clarification..

@MollyMEP wrote: “Can all men who care for their children please let John Humphrys know that they do this in a way just as loving and skilful as women?”

Philadelphia ad is among the first to be banned for gender stereotyping

Another lady mentioned: “I was raised by a fabulous Dad – nothing to do with age, only with John Humphreys being a saddo out of touch with most things,” 

Mike Richards wrote: “John Humphrys doing his degree best possible to sound like he belongs in a other century this morning.

Volkswagen Golf ad is banned after gender stereotyping

“It’s now not about one poster stereotyping women, it is about women rising up in an atmosphere the place so very a lot of what they see, pay attention and revel in stereotypes women.”

The 75-year-old broadcaster has already introduced he plans to give up the Today programme after 32 years at the early-morning broadcast.

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