Kelly Clarkson Wants Netflix To Keep Lucifer Going Past Season 5

Fans rallied round Lucifer after it was cancelled by FOX after its third season, and their marketing campaign labored brilliantly, because the present ended up being picked up by for season 4. Season 4 was properly obtained, and introduced that the present would get a fifth season on the community, although it will likely be the ultimate season of the present. The excellent news is that it obtained bumped up in episodes, however singer and speak present host Kelly Clarkson would not simply need extra episodes within the ultimate season. Instead, she desires the present to go ahead with one other season, and she made fairly the endearing plea on social media.

Clarkson began off by acknowledging she took a bit to hitch the occasion, however now because of her sister she is totally hooked on the sequence, and might’t consider it should be ending proper after she lastly found it. For Clarkson, this simply will not do.

“Okay, I’m upset because it took me forever to catch onto this show because I have four children and a lot of jobs and a lot going on, but I cannot believe my sister was like ‘you need to watch this show, you’re going to love this show, you’re going to love this show’, and I kept trying and every time I did there was a kid or something was happening so I never got to,” Clarkson mentioned. “And then I finally started watching it, and then I obsessively watched three seasons in like 4 days.”

“My husband is so over it most likely (laughs) however I like it, and the present known as Lucifer, and I’m so mad as a result of I simply came upon…as a result of I used to be so blissful as a result of Netflix simply picked it up, and so then I began watching season four after which I seen that any person had mentioned season 5 was the final season, and so they have been like ‘oh, don’t fret, we added six reveals’ so apparently there’s now 16 reveals as an alternative of 10 in season 5, however this is what I want Netflix. Like, what do we have to do to ensure there are extra seasons then simply season 5,” Clarkson requested.

“Because here’s what happens. I get on a show like late in the game, and it’s amazing, and then people end up going ‘oh, it’s over and it’s canceled and I’m like why, and I’m mad about it. Anyway, if you haven’t watched , you should watch it because it’s awesome. The end of season 4, let’s talk about it. It’s so good, and sad, and I’m obsessed, it’s fun,” Clarkson mentioned with a smile.

Regardless of what occurs with the present, she desires your entire solid on her present ASAP.

“Anyway, I want them on my show,” Clarkson mentioned. “I want Aimee Garcia on my show. I want all of them on my show. I might have texted Aimee Garcia because we have the same hair guy. Robert Ramos. Roberto Ramos. And I love her, and I love the show. Okay, anyway if you haven’t watched it and you’re like ‘what’s a good show I can watch’, Lucifer, trust.”


“Like the first three seasons I watched on iTunes, like on Apple, well I bought them, I support art,” Clarkson mentioned with amusing. “And then season 4 and 5 isn’t even coming out until freaking spring or summer of 2020, whatever, but anyway season 4 is on Netflix. Netflix, how about ya’ll go ahead and re-up that. Need you to just do me a solid and continue this greatness. Okay, bye!”

is just one of the best, and we’re fairly certain she’s not the one who desperately desires a sixth season of Lucifer, so in order for you one other season let Netflix know!

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