Kids’ social media app ad banned on health grounds

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Image caption The app is a component social media and half artistic content material, corresponding to quizzes and challenges

An advert suggesting that youngsters may acquire likes and followers to progress by means of an app has been banned by the UK’s promoting watchdog.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) dominated that the phrase “get likes and followers to level up” may have a “detrimental effect on youngsters’ mental health and self-esteem”.

The ad was “likely to cause harm” and was “irresponsible”, it added.

PopJam argued that its app inspired “positive digital engagement”.

It pointed to different methods to make progress by means of the app, corresponding to by sharing drawings and participating in quizzes and inventive challenges.

SuperAwesome Trading, the agency behind PopJam, argued that the app – designed for seven to 12 12 months olds – was a walled backyard of social content material “designed to ensure [childrens’] privacy, safety and well being.”

It mentioned that likes and followers within the app didn’t signify social standing, fairly they have been there to assist progress by means of the degrees on the app.

The tv commercial was seen in July on CITV with massive textual content stating “likes” and “followers”, with a picture of a quantity rising shortly from 96 to 10,000, whereas a feminine voiceover said, “Get likes and followers to level up.”

The ASA mentioned in its ruling: “We considered [the ad] explicitly encouraged children to seek likes and followers in order to progress through the app”.

It acknowledged that there have been different methods of advancing within the app, however mentioned that these weren’t defined within the ad.

“We considered that the suggestion that the acquisition of likes and followers was the only means of progression was likely to give children the impression that popularity on social media was something that should be pursued because it was desirable in its own right.”

The ad should not be broadcast once more in its present type, it concluded.

According to an Ofcom report, 78% of 12 to 15 12 months olds really feel stress to look common on social media.

This was acknowledged by PopJam, but it surely mentioned the report additionally recognised that 9 in 10 youngsters of the identical age said that social media additionally made them really feel blissful and nearer to their buddies.

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