Major Tory donor backs Jeremy Hunt in leadership contest

A serious Tory donor right this moment endorsed Jeremy Hunt because the candidate with the “negotiating skills” to ship Brexit.

Sir David Ord instructed the Customary: “I have known Jeremy for over 30 years. His negotiating skills and persistence will be critical in delivering Brexit to which I know he is totally committed.”

Businessman Sir David, co-owner and MD of the Bristol Port Firm, is a prolific donors to the Conservatives who has given some £1.1 million, in line with official figures. 

Figures issued in Parliament revealed that Mr Hunt, the Overseas Secretary, has attracted extra donations to his marketing campaign in current weeks than every other candidate.

Mr Hunt acquired £103,994 in donations. Among the many names listed in the Commons register of pursuits had been First Company Delivery, which  donated £25,000. A brand new donor, David Forbes-Nixon, the co-founder of Alcentra, gave £10,000. 

Boris Johnson disclosed an additional £88,000 in donations, together with from main Vote Depart donors David Lilley, Jonathan Wooden and Anthony Bamford.

No new donations had been listed for Michael Gove, Dominic Raab or Sajid Javid.

Mr Hunt burnished his credentials as a negotiator this week by holding discussions with US President Donald Trump and chatting with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel on the D-Day occasion in Portsmouth.

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