Man has erection for nine days after moped injury

Car crash collision accident with scooter, motor bike
The person suffered accidents after falling off a moped (Image: Shutterstock)

A British man was left battling an erection for nine consecutive days after he fell off his moped and broken his genitals.

It took 12 months for the 35-year-old ‘to return to normal erectile function following the injury’.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t in ache whereas he walked round with a Grade IV erection – which is classed because the strongest kind on medical scale, the Erection Hardness Rating.

The person mentioned he skilled ‘mild discomfort in walking’, earlier than he determined to examine himself right into a hospital after struggling for greater than per week.

Medical doctors informed him he had bruised his perineum – the small space in between the anus and the genitals – which triggered a steady circulation of blood to be despatched to his penis.

The blood then grew to become trapped and was unable to empty and if not handled instantly, it will possibly result in scarring and everlasting erectile dysfunction.



College Hospital Southampton’s findings of the person’s uncommon signs have been printed final month in Case Reports in Urology.

It learn: ‘On examination there was a grade IV erection with a inflexible base and shaft with slight dorsal curvature of 10 levels, which was non-tender.

X Ray of man has nine day erection after motorbike crash
Medical doctors mentioned the injury resulted in a ‘rare’ extended erection (Image:

‘There was a superficial haematoma [blood clot] present to the scrotum and base of [the] penis.’

Priapism – the time period given for an erection that lasts too lengthy – is triggered, in 95 per cent of circumstances, when blood can’t go away the penis due to a blockage of blood vessels.

It’s known as low-flow priapism and medicines to deal with erectile dysfunction, together with neurological situations, are the commonest causes.

However the motorcyclist suffered a high-flow priapism, after his injury triggered two fistulas which redirected the blood to his penis.

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In round 60 per cent of circumstances they resolve on their very own however this affected person determined to have an invasive process to deal with it.

Medical doctors mentioned: ‘To our data, that is the primary reported case to make use of a number of supplies for embolisation for this [condition].

‘Timely intervention needs to be considered to avoid the potential risk of erectile dysfunction in the long term from conservative measures.’

The person improved shortly after nevertheless it took as much as a yr to have fully regular erectile perform.



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