Marvel Reveals How Old Captain America Was in Avengers: Endgame Final Scene

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Avengers: Endgame might have closed out the Infinity Saga and thus opened the door for the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s subsequent chapter, however it additionally left followers with fairly just a few questions. Among these questions is the matter of Steve Rogers/Captain America’s (Chris Evans) age on the finish of the movie throughout the poignant scene in which he passes the protect onto Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie). It’s not a younger man on that park bench, in spite of everything. Now, we’ve got a solution because of Endgame‘s visible results producer Jen Underdahl.

Underdahl not too long ago spoke with Wired about completely different components of Endgame in addition to Avengers: Infinity War and one of many subjects the interview lined was the creation of the look of previous Captain America. Underdahl defined that in order to work out how one can create the look there have been sure questions they needed to ask. One of these questions was what Steve Rogers would seem like on the age of 106.

“What would a super soldier look like if he had aged 106 years?” Underdahl mentioned. “What would his skin look like?” She went on to explain that the reply included shrinking and lowering Evans’ neck, shoulders, profile and extra to provide him that “106 year-old super soldier look” we see in the movie.

So, how did Underdahl come to the 106 quantity? For that, you must have a look at an essential piece of data we already learn about Steve Rogers: his birthday. He was born July 4, 1918. Technically that will put Steve at 105 in 2023 (the yr most of Endgame takes place) however we’ll enable for slightly fudging there. 106 looks like an in depth sufficient reply in case you are strictly trying on the calendar.

However, whereas it is a “correct” reply, it additionally does not precisely add up as a result of Steve’s story is not precisely a straight line on the calendar. If he was born in 1918 that will make him round 27 when he went into the ice in 1945. He was there for 66 years (if you happen to assume it is 2011 on the finish of Captain America: The First Avenger.) It’s there we begin his ageing clock which signifies that once we get to “present day” in Endgame, he’s roughly 39 years previous. That’s the “age” he functionally is when he goes again in time and reunites with Peggy Carter (Haley Atwell). Endgame co-writer Stephen McFeely has indicated that the yr of that reunion is 1948. That would make Steve 39 in 1948 in phrases of his ageing.

This is the place issues begin to get slightly extra difficult. If we function underneath the concept that Peggy nonetheless dies round 2015 that will imply that the couple spent 67 years collectively. It’s a quantity that will make Steve 106 in phrases of ageing. We may then assume that Steve used a Pym Particle to make his strategy to 2023 the place we see him on the finish of the movie. However, with the time journey and Pym Particle utilization of all of it and the varied timelines being sort of a bizarre, complicated grey space, we are able to additionally assume that possibly he did not. Even with the time journey problems, although, 106 looks like an age that’s shut sufficient each in phrases of story and in phrases of reference level for the creation of his look. It’s the age he can be if he had lived his life in a easy, chronological line with no time journey and being frozen enterprise.


Sounds ok to us.

Avengers: Endgame is offered now on digital downloads and Blu-ray.

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