Marvel Theory Suggests Skrulls Were Responsible for Helping Create SHIELD

Now that Captain Marvel has launched Skrulls to the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are every kind of recent alternatives for the writers of their future storytelling. As we noticed in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the shape-shifting skills of aliens can pop up after we listing anticipate it. In reality, one attention-grabbing fan concept suggests the race might need been integral in serving to SHIELD flip in to what it’s right now — or, what it was at its highest peak, that’s.

Shared on-line by u/rgtxd26, the speculation is a fairly easy one. No, the Skrulls did not use their shape-shifting powers to infiltrate SHIELD and its predecessor. Rather, their relationship with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was helpful sufficient that when he turned Director, the 2 events swap every kind of technical assist.

Far From Home reveals followers the Skrulls — and Fury, for that matter — had a base some place within the photo voltaic system. It’s from right here the theorist suggests they have been in a position to assist out most. The supporting proof primarily is available in nods to a couple Easter eggs all through the earliest elements of the MCU — just like the map in Iron Man 2 that reveals Wakanda or the helicarrier abruptly showing in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The concept then goes into the influence the Snap had on each the Skrulls and their fancy new alien area layer, suggesting when Thanos killed half of all life, it allowed their communications methods to fail.

All in all, it is a fairly intriguing piece to learn, which you are able to do under or by clicking right here.

[MCU] S.H.I.E.L.D’s intel is because of the Skrulls. from r/FanTheories

The most handy factor with coping with the Skrulls is the very fact you need to use them anytime and wherever. Should the writers deem one thing a bit too sophisticated, they might merely use a Skrull or two to try to assist clear issues up.


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