M’sian Celeb Canes 9yo Daughter for Taking Off Hijab, Netizens Say It’s Child Abuse

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Hitting your youngster to teach is one thing that’s typically acceptable in Malaysia (for higher or worse).

However how and why this cosmetics mogul publicly disciplined his youngster definitely took issues to new heights, and netizens are livid.

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“Meanwhile, in Malaysia, some celebrity beats his nine-year-old daughter because she took off her hijab in front of men she doesn’t know.”

“He records himself applying medicine to her wounded back while she cries and posts the video on Instagram for his 3.1 million followers.”

Hmm, father of the yr award?

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The thread continues, “He was angry at her because she did not look after her ‘maruah’, loosely translated as dignity.”

“Why is a nine-year-old responsible for guarding her dignity against men? She how early the gaslighting starts?”

The netizen went on to level out the truth that a nine-year-old is not any risk to grown-ups.

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The netizen added, “He caned her with a “rotan” on her again. That is youngster abuse, and below the Child Act, the authorities can take her into care.”

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“To make matters worse, he posts a video of her crying on social media while he applies medicine to her back.”

“What kind of parent is this? An unfit one. The authorities should act.”

To all mother and father and can be mother and father, let’s not make this an instance we should always comply with okay?

On a unique notice, this celeb isn’t precisely a saint both as a netizen remembers how he pulled this stunt not way back.

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Tsk tsk.

The tweet which has garnered greater than 700 retweets and 487 likes, acquired different feedback condemning the celeb.

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“I reported this (the video) to FB as it is wrong to force a nine-year-old child into hijab with a rotan.”

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One other tweeted, “[He] wants to act like a religious figure by publicly embarrassing his daughter online but is unable to see the hypocrisy of shooting a shitty and slutty music video. He can shoot it with whoever he wants but come on.”

It’s one factor to teach your youngster, however it’s one other if it borders on abuse.

Is caning actually one of the best ways to teach kids? Share with us your ideas within the feedback part under.

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