New Version of Spider-Man Is Marvel’s Sexiest Superhero Ever

Who is the sexiest superhero of all-time? Black Widow? No, I do not suppose so. Catwoman? Definitely not. Kingpin? Close, however not fairly. No, the sexiest superhero of all-time belongs to 2B-Man, additionally generally known as 2B-Spider. For people who do not know: 2B-Man is a brand-new Marvel hero that even most hardcore followers of Marvel do not find out about it. That stated, the hero was created with the soul function of being the most well liked superhero there ever was and can ever be. And of course, 2B-Man thwarts dangerous guys prefer it’s no one’s enterprise. But in contrast to Hulk, Iron Man, or that hack Black Widow, 2B-Man does it in knee-high, leather-based heeled boots. And stockings!

Now, I do know what you are questioning: who is that this mysterious 2B-Man? Well, Spider-2B is technically a brand new model of Spider-Man, however Marvel is counting the hero as a brand-new addition, which means you could possibly see 2B-Man in future Avengers motion pictures, although it should most likely be awhile earlier than the hero will get their very own standalone movie. Whatever the case, followers are in love. But do not simply take my phrase, under you’ll be able to try our first have a look at the character, courtesy of Marvel:

(Photo: Reddit through Evelyne_K)

As you’ll be able to see, it is virtually like the brand new model of Spider-Man PS4 is solely the Spider-Man from the brand new PS4 sport mixed with 2B from NieR: Automata. I can guarantee, this isn’t the case. Okay, no I am unable to. That’s precisely what this. That’s the European disc of Marvel’s Spider-Man, completely mixed with a NieR: Automata 2B collectible. Now, name me a conspiracy theorist, however this was clearly deliberate. Whoever designed the artwork for that disc clearly had this actual 2B collectible on their desk, and designed the disc so it may line up completely with the collectible. And we’re comfortable they did, as a result of 2B-Man is arguably one of Marvel’s prime 5 heroes of all-time.


For people who do not know: NieR: Automata is an action-RPG that launched in 2017 through PlatinumGames and Square Enix. It’s extensively thought of one of the perfect video games of that 12 months, and has one of the most important cult followings of any sport this complete era. And apparently the crossover viewers between it and Marvel’s Spider-Man is fairly massive.

Thanks, Reddit.