Pokemon Fans Rediscover Poliwag’s Horrifying Anatomical Secret

Pokemon followers, you need to know there’s a draw back to being too invested within the collection. The franchise has stored thousands and thousands entertained for many years now, however there’s a darkish facet to Pokemon which few followers ever toe into. After all, the inspiration behind a few of your favourite pocket monsters will not be nice, and followers have been grossly reminded of that as of late.

That’s proper. If you thought Poliwag was simply an lovable water-type creature, then suppose once more. The Pokemon has been hiding a secret for years in plain sight which followers are lastly realizing. Well, solely followers who have not been listening to’s official Pokemon podcast, A Wild Podcast Has Appeared!, the place Christian Hoffer broke down the traumatizing particulars in a earlier episode.

Recently, Pokemon historian Dr. Lava took to Twitter to additional showcase one of many little-known info about Poliwag. It seems the monster’s distinct swirly abdomen will not be the lovable design followers assumed. It seems the swirl is admittedly his intestinal monitor stuffed with excrement and organs.

“The swirl on Poliwag’s stomach is modeled after the intestinal tract a real-life tadpole. Gross,” Dr. Lava shared.


Of course, followers have been horrified to study this truth about Poliwag, probably the most innocuous of Pokemon. For those that didn’t know, tadpoles have their intestinal tracks coiled up on the backside of their translucent our bodies. Until they get older, these tracks are totally seen, so it makes since Poliwag would have one. In their evolution chain, Poliwag could be the tadpole of Poliwrath, however do not get issues twisted! In the world of Pokemon, not even that ultimate evolution does away with its swirly abdomen, so Pokemon followers can gag over that as they are going to.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how horrified are you to study this Pokemon’s anatomy? Let me know within the feedback or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to speak all issues comics and !

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