Rainbow Six Siege Celebrates Reaching 50 Million Players

Rainbow Six Siege initially launched again in December of 2015, and whereas it did not precisely have the smoothest of launches, the devs have been working onerous ever since to ensure all the things is on monitor for gamers. Ubisoft has definitely put in some work with it as gamers have been having fun with the sport for a while now. That stated, Rainbow Six Siege is now celebrating a fairly unimaginable achievement because the devs have formally revealed that the sport has now hit 50 million gamers, however it could seem that they nonetheless have a bit of labor forward of them.

After posting a tweet to rejoice 50 million gamers, followers started to weigh in on the scenario with blended reactions. While some have been celebrating the achievement as effectively, others have been taking the chance to level out among the points that Rainbow Six Siege nonetheless has, together with DDoS assaults, the poisonous neighborhood, cheaters, and extra.

It is definitely unlucky that gamers nonetheless discover a lot unsuitable with the favored recreation at this level, however the devs have seemingly listened previously, so one can solely hope that the pattern continues and issues get cleaned as much as make the expertise even higher. Recently, unveiled much more content material for Rainbow Six Siege, together with two new operators, a battle go, and extra. Here’s a bit extra concerning the new operators:


“Peruvian Attacker Amaru and Mexican Defender Goyo will bring verticality and fire in-game. Amaru, a former archeologist, is equipped with a G8A1 automatic rifle and a Supernova shotgun. Notably Amaru will also possess the ability to access any high position in record time with her Garra hook and finish with a Garra kick which instantly takes out an opponent standing behind the window, making her a perfect flanker. Amaru helped to raise Goyo, a former member of the Mexican Fuerzas Especiales who uses the dangerous Volcán Shield. Like the ordinary Deployable Shield, the Volcán Shield provides cover and allows Defenders to block pathways, but Goyo can turn up the heat with an attached incendiary bomb and make it burst.”

Rainbow Six Siege is at present obtainable on PC, , and Xbox One. For much more on the title, take a look at a few of our earlier protection.

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