Shocking pictures show emaciated elephant forced to work in Sri Lankan parade

Harrowing pictures have emerged of a shockingly skinny 70-year-old elephant who works in a parade in Sri Lanka.

Tikiiri is one among 60 elephants who joins the Perahera Festival, running each and every night time for ten days dressed in a dressing up, together with a masks with vibrant lighting fixtures.

The pictures expose Tikiiri’s gaunt physique as soon as her sparkly full-body gown has been got rid of, along with her emaciated ribs on show.

Save Elephant Foundation shared the tragic pictures on Monday to mark World Elephant Day.

Her dress for the Perahera Festival covers her bony ribs (Save Elephant Foundation / Lek Chailert)

The charity is helping to rescue and deal with captive elephants throughout Asia and runs Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

Founder Lek Chailert mentioned: “This is Tikiiri, a 70 yr outdated in poor health feminine. She is among the 60 elephants who will have to work in the provider of the Perahera Festival in Sri Lanka this yr. 

“Tikiri joins in the parade early each and every night time till past due at night time each and every night time for ten consecutive nights, amidst the noise, the fireworks, and smoke. 

“She walks many kilometres each and every night time in order that other folks will really feel blessed all the way through the rite. No one sees her bony physique or her weakened situation, on account of her dress. 

Tikiiri is one among 60 elephants who works in the Sri Lankan parade (Save Elephant Foundation / Lek Chailert)

“No one sees the tears in her eyes, injured by means of the brilliant lighting fixtures that embellish her masks, nobody sees her problem to step as her legs are brief shackled whilst she walks.

“For a rite, all have the appropriate to trust so long as that trust does now not disturb or hurt some other. How are we able to name this a blessing, or one thing holy, if we make different lives to endure?

“Today is World Elephant Day. We can’t carry a relaxed global to the elephant if we nonetheless assume that this symbol is suitable.

“To love, to do no hurt, to apply a trail of kindness and compassion, that is the Way of Buddha. It is time to apply.”

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