Star Wars Fan Predicts Who Will Win Lightsaber Battles With Clever Sports Analogy

Lightsabers are extra than simply weapons within the Star Wars universe. They could be extraordinarily telling with reference to the consumer and their pasts, however one astute fan has a concept designed to foretell how two fighters will fare in any particular person lightsaber battle within the collection. Of all issues, the reason finds it’s roots in sports activities and the way that world capabilities. After this 12 months’s World Series, (I do know, stick with me!) it turned clear that every workforce triumphed on the street to the Washington Nationals claiming their first title in Houston. That bought the poster considering, is that this transferable to Star Wars in a roundabout way? If you have a look at the sample of the flicks, it appears clear that one thing comparable is happening. Each facet of the battle normally takes an L the primary time they step outdoors what one would think about their house discipline. Probably an excellent factor to bear in mind for the finale of this present trilogy.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi left lots of followers with severe questions on the place the saga was headed. Lucasfilm has already began to tug again the curtain on what lies forward for the heroes of the story. Daisy Ridley appeared at Star Wars Celebration to speak about her character headed into Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The actress may’ve let it slip that her damaged lightsaber from the earlier movies is likely to be making a grand return within the subsequent installment.

Does the “away team” all the time win lightsaber conflicts in Star Wars? from r/starwarsspeculation

“The lightsaber that Rey inherited lives,” Ridley divulged through the panel, prompting raucous reactions from the gang. Star Wars: The Force Awakens noticed Rey come into possession of Luke’s lightsaber whereas exploring Maz Kanada’s fort on Takodana. She fought Kylo Ren over the weapon in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Their dueling Force talents (and a perfectly-timed suicide strike by Vice Admiral Holdo) resulted within the lightsaber exploding into two components.

Rey in fact grabbed the lightsaber items and uncovered kyber crystal. She was upset by the weapon’s obvious destruction when speaking to Leia Organa. The heroine even likened it to the way forward for the Resistance. But, Leia simply calmly replies, “We have everything we need.” Rey will reassemble the lightsaber between the 2 motion pictures so the employees will take a backseat once more.


Abrams has confirmed the timeskip heading into The Rise of Skywalker. There will likely be a while between The Last Jedi and the upcoming movie.

“The movie doesn’t pick up immediately after the last film.” Abrams said during the panel at Star Wars Celebration. “Some time has passed. This movie is an adventure the group goes on together. One of the great things about getting to work on the movie is the dynamic between all of the characters. They’re amazing together, and it’s something I’m excited for you all to see.”

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