Study: Kimchi Promotes Hair Growth, Could Be A “Cure For Baldness”

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We know that kimchi has a lot of benefits, mainly to our guts, which is a great thing to smoothen out our number 2’s.

Scientists have now found out that kimchi might help to reverse ! W- What? You mean I won’t shed anywhere I go anymore? 

Daily Mail said that researchers at did a on 23 men by asking them to drink a kimchi drink sold in South (we tried searching but no luck guys). Some of them were in the early stages of hair loss while others were really .

The instructions for this study were really simple: Drink a kimchi drink before breakfast and at bedtime.

Prior to this study, the average number of hairs on the men was 85 per sq cm. After a month, it rose to 90 and in 4 months, it was at 92 hairs per sq cm.

The report on the findings was published in The World Journal of Men’s Health, where they said that this is a significant increase which appears to have reversed hair loss in most of the men.

As current drugs have side effects, they can only be used temporarily – which is different compared to kimchi, as it may promote and reverse baldness, and can be eaten indefinitely. They also said that it is a safer treatment strategy for patients.

Study: Kimchi May Reverse Hair Loss, Scientists Say It Could Be A Cure For Baldness - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Serious Eats

Is this the secret to the luscious locks of our favourtie K-Pop oppas? Wow, we’ll definitely be eating more kimchi from now on as we can kill two birds with one stone.

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