Sue Cleaver health: ‘All I wanted to do was sleep’ Coronation Street star’s sepsis ordeal

Sue Cleaver, 56, contracted sepsis in July this yr after creating a kidney an infection. Revealing she suffers with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the Coronation Street star thought she was simply having a flare-up. Sue was at work when her signs started. On the most well liked day of the yr, she was sat with a scorching water bottle, and it was when somebody noticed her blue-coloured toes that she determined she wanted to go dwelling and relaxation.

Speaking about story on ITV’s This Morning, Sue stated: “I was in ache and freezing chilly.

“I went dwelling after lunch and acquired into mattress with socks, leggings and a dressing robe.

“I thought it’s not simply IBS, i’ve acquired flu now.”

Sue’s accomplice thought one thing wasn’t proper with her shaking and temperature being 39.9C, and after ringing his daughter, a paramedic, she suggested Sue get to the hospital instantly.

Sue stated: “I didn’t know I had sepsis until the next day when I was in the ward.”

Sepsis is an amazing response to an an infection within the physique.

An enormous 50,000 individuals within the UK contract sepsis yearly, and 120 individuals a day die from the situation.

One of the most important issues is recognising the signs of the situation as usually they’re underlying.

Sue stated: “We stride on through life, we have commitments, we put up and get on with things, but that’s a big mistake.”

TV physician Dr Ranj Singh suggested the sooner you deal with sepsis the higher the end result is, so recognizing signs of the situation is essential.

The signs will be remembered with the phrase sepsis.

S – slurred speech or confusion

E – excessive shivering or muscle ache

P – passing little or no urine

S – extreme breathlessness

I – it feels such as you’re going to die/impending dying

S – pores and skin is mottled or discoloured

Sepsis wants remedy in hospital immediately as a result of it could actually worsen rapidly.

The NHS explains: “You ought to get antibiotics inside one hour of arriving at hospital.

“If sepsis isn’t handled early, it could actually flip into septic shock and trigger your organs to fail. This is life threatening.”

Recovering from sepsis can take time, however two months on Sue stated she was feeling like her outdated self.

Dr Ranj urged: “If you have an infection and you’re unwell then you need to pick up the phone and ask ‘could this be sepsis?’”

Sue has opened up about her well being prior to now, revealing she has kind 2 diabetes

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