The Walking Dead Season 10 Will Explore Alpha’s Humanity When Unmasking the Whisperers

Samantha Morton says The Walking Dead Season 10 will take a more in-depth peek underneath the fleshy mask of the Whisperers and display extra of chief Alpha’s “humanity.”

“In Season 10, I’m most excited for the fans to see Alpha’s humanity, and understanding a little bit more about what are the Whisperers, why they behave the way they behave,” Morton stated on Talking Dead’s Season 10 preview particular.

“We’ve already seen this within the entire show, I think, but how the apocalypse affects some people one way and other people another way, and how primal instincts can take over individuals. And seeing more of that from a female perspective, as well, I think, is quite important. And with Alpha being this female villain, it’s interesting to explore.”

A flashback unraveled in Season 9 uncovered Alpha’s backstory via the warped lens of traumatized daughter Lydia (Cassady McClincy), who later emancipated herself from the Whisperers and entirely severed ties together with her abusive mom.

When the Whisperers go back in Season 10, showrunner Angela Kang guarantees to divulge backstory at the back of the dynamic shared by means of Alpha and Beta (Ryan Hurst), her maximum deadly and constant follower.

“We will,” Kang stated on Talking Dead when requested to verify if audiences will be informed extra about the mysterious cult clad in pores and skin of the lifeless. “We’ll get to see some interesting stuff about how that relationship between the two of them turned into what it is, so I’m excited for the fans to see that.”

Morton, in her sophomore season, is “amazing,” Kang added.

“She’s just killing it, again, and we get to see her and for all her complications. She’s a very complex villain and a very complex person, so we get to dive deeper into that and learn a little bit more about her, the things she’s going through, the leadership challenges that she has. And we get to see, really, the ways in which she exerts control over the people that are part of her community. She’s just a great, great leader as a villain.”


Audiences can even meet by no means earlier than noticed Whisperer Gamma (Thora Birch), who Kang teased has a distinct connection to Alpha and performs crucial function in the Whisperer camp. The twisted personality has already made her mark: her outfit is one she stole from the freshly murdered Enid (Katelyn Nacon).

The Walking Dead Season 10 premieres Sunday, October 6 on AMC.


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