The Walking Dead Will Show What Really Happened the Night of the Whisperer Killings

The preview for The Walking Dead 10×07, “Open Your Eyes,” confirms the episode will revisit the evening of the Whisperer killings, the place Siddiq () was the sole survivor of a slaughter dedicated by Alpha () and her cult. has speculated Siddiq, suffering from PTSD and panic assaults, was compelled to take part in the murders as evidenced by his newest stress-induced episode in 10×06, “Bonds.” As proven in the preview, Siddiq’s worsening PTSD is presenting his trauma by means of visions, flashbacks and different disturbing hallucinations, together with haunting pictures of Alpha all through Alexandria. When we see Siddiq subsequent, we’ll be taught precisely what occurred to Enid (Katelyn Nacon), Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Kingdom prince Henry (Matt Lintz).

The Siddiq-centric trailer for this subsequent episode reveals Siddiq when he was captured at the barn the place the Whisperer hostages have been held earlier than making their final stand, and we additionally see a pool of blood on what seems to be the barn ground. This episode’s title, “Open Your Eyes,” was talked about in “Bonds” when Siddiq, holding child Coco, heard what appeared like Alpha and Beta (Ryan Hurst) saying “open your eyes.” We additionally heard what sounded to be the dying throes of Siddiq’s former apprentice Enid.

The Walking Dead Siddiq 1007 Open Your Eyes
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“I will say that there’s some flashbacks this season,” showrunner Angela Kang beforehand advised EW forward of Season 10. “One of the things we were kind of dealing with in the season has to do with illusion and people’s fears and what’s real, what’s not, the weight of the past on people. So, we’ll definitely see some windows into the past that kind of shed light on the present. It should be interesting.”

The Walking Dead 1007 Open Your Eyes
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Siddiq confronting his PTSD and survivor’s guilt comes at a essential juncture for Alexandria: although unwell, chief physician Siddiq is stepping as much as include the mysterious sickness spreading by means of the neighborhood with the assist of solely assistant Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas).

Acting as the physician in cost whereas needing assist himself is one thing that “muddies the waters” for Siddiq, Nash beforehand advised the AMC weblog. “That’s why he doesn’t want to let anyone know what he’s dealing with. I think he believes that if he can throw himself into his work and be of use to the community, maybe his demons will go away. He’s starting to find out that it’s not that simple. Alpha’s f—cked him up so badly that he might even be a danger to everyone else.”


, 10×07, “Open Your Eyes,” is the penultimate episode of the first half of Season 10 and first airs Sunday, Nov. 17 at 9/8c on AMC.

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