Tory Minister for Education and Skills is not a skilled speller

Anne Milton is not a skilled speller
Numberacy? Anne Milton could have created a new phrase (Image: @AnneMilton)

The minister in control of selling the worth of literacy and numeracy across the nation must brush up on her spelling.

Anne Milton suffered a very embarrassing typo as she despatched out her tweet celebrating ‘National Numberacy Day’.

She was, after all, speaking about ‘National Numeracy Day’.

We’re not solely positive what ‘numberacy’ is however the Minister for Skills seems to have invented all of it herself.

She tweeted: ‘Its nationwide numberacy [sic] day so check how good you’re at numbers.

The Minister for Skills can't spell 'numeracy'
Don’t fear Anne, it’s ‘never too late to improve your skills’ (Image: @AnneMilton)

‘It’s  by no means too late to enhance your abilities.’

Ms Milton, who believes maths and English are ‘very important’, may have additionally irritated grammar pedants by leaving out an apostrophe from ‘its’.

She additionally left a rogue double house earlier than the phrase ‘never’. Scandalous!



The errors of her methods had been quickly observed and ridiculed by jokers on-line.

‘Fortunately, it’s not Literacy Day I suppose,’ one responded.

Anne Milton took the jokes in good spirit
Anne Milton could must brush up on her spelling (Image: @AnneMilton)

One other mentioned: ‘Reassuring that our national representatives are so numberate.’

‘Skillz,’ one joker merely put, referring to Ms Milton’s job title.

Whereas many MPs prefer to delete their failed tweets, the newly topped ‘Skillz’ Minister took it in good humour.

Shortly afterwards, she tweeted: ‘National Spelling Day is coming up soon!’



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