UK heatwave 2019 LIVE: Latest weather forecast for 'hottest day ever in London'

Meanwhile in Europe

Parts of Europe also are bracing for file temperatures as the second one heatwave of the summer time bakes the continent.

The Paris space might be as scorching as 42C (108F) because of scorching, dry air coming from northern Africa.

Swathes of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland may just additionally face temperatures exceeding 40C (104F).
Climate scientists have warned this is able to turn out to be the brand new commonplace.

But temperate Europe – the place air con is unusual – isn’t provided for the type of temperatures in the area this week.

Tourists were leaping in fountains in a bid to chill down, whilst government need to assist the ones such because the aged, who’re continuously hit toughest by means of the warmth.

Lake Geneva (AP)

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