Watch Motorola’s upcoming RAZR phone fold up

Final month, we noticed the first leaked images, and whilst you may see a hinge, the phone was displayed open. Now, along with demonstrating the phone’s foldability, this video does an in depth up on the hinge and teases the black, pink and blue colour choices. Unfolded, the phone matches the photographs leaked final month, and the video aligns with Motorola’s patent designs for a foldable phone. However, the clip is just 33 seconds lengthy, so it leaves loads of room for questions.

We do not know when the machine will launch, or how a lot it will price, however based on The Wall Street Journal, it could possibly be within the vary of $1,500. That is nearly $500 much less than the Galaxy Fold. If Motorola can keep away from major design flaws and faucet into nostalgia for the unique RAZR, it might need just a few benefits over its rivals.

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