Facial recognition tech misidentified 26 California lawmakers as criminals

At a press convention, San Francisco meeting member Phil Ting — who used to be additionally falsely recognized all over the take a look at — stated that the experiment “reinforces the fact that facial recognition software is not ready for prime time – let alone for use in body cameras worn by law enforcement.”

He stated, “While we can laugh about it as legislators it’s no laughing matter if you’re an individual trying to get a job, trying to get a home. If you’re falsely accused, what happens? It impacts your ability to get a job, to get housing. There are real people that this can impact.”

Ting and the ACLU have co-sponsored AB 1215, additionally recognized as The Body Camera Accountability Act, which prohibits the usage of facial recognition and biometric surveillance programs in police frame cameras. If the invoice is handed, California will develop into the biggest state to prohibit the era in frame cameras — New Hampshire and Oregon each banned it in 2017.

While some regulation enforcement companies imagine facial recognition era in frame cameras is a essential policing instrument, the ACLU maintains its use could be a “disaster for communities and their civil rights.” According to Matt Cagle, era and civil liberties lawyer at ACLU, “The unfold of facial recognition frame cameras in California neighborhoods could be a large public protection danger.” He added that, “Even if this technology was accurate, which it is not, face recognition-enabled body cameras would facilitate massive violations of Californians’ civil rights.”

AB 1215 used to be first presented in February and authorized through the California Assembly in May. According to the ACLU it’s set to be voted on within the California Senate within the coming weeks.

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