Consumers and businesses will  be hit with higher electricity prices after no-deal Brexit, according to the Yellowhammer documents (Picture:
Consumers and companies will  be hit with larger electricity prices after no-deal , based on the Yellowhammer paperwork (Picture:

There will likely be ‘significant electricity price increases for consumers’ within the occasion of a no-deal Brexit, based on the Yellowhammer paperwork printed by the federal government.

The rise in electricity prices may also have ‘wider economic and political impacts’, based on the six web page doc which the federal government was pressured to launch by MPs.

The papers set out the impression the federal government expects a no-deal situation to have on meals provides, delays on the border, civil dysfunction, gas disruption and rising electricity prices.

There can be anticipated to be an opposed impact on water provides and fears over fishing wars between and EU vessels.

This is what the doc says concerning the impression on electricity and energy prices: ‘Demand for energy will likely be met and there will likely be no disruption to electricity or fuel interconnectors. In NI there won’t be instant disruption to electricity provide on Day 1.



‘A speedy SEM cut up might happen months or years after EU Exit.

‘In this event, there would not be security of supply issues. However, there will likely be significant electricity price increasers for consumers (business and domestic), with associated wider economic and political impacts. Some participants could exit the market, thereby exacerbating the economic and political impacts. (BEIS)’.

Woman with long nails turning the controls of a British Combi Gas Boiler
The authorities expects there to be ‘wider political and economic impacts’ because of larger prices

What does Operation Yellowhammer warn of?

  • Three months of disruption at Channel crossings
  • Two-and-a-half day delays for lorries getting into the UK
  • Immigration delays for UK vacationers heading to Europe
  • Rise in protests and public dysfunction
  • Disruption to gas provides
  • ‘Significant’ electricity worth rises
  • ‘Severe extended delays’ to medication provides
  • Animal illness outbreaks
  • Reduction in provides of contemporary meals
  • Supermarket worth rises
  • Panic-buying
  • Lack of fresh water resulting from failure in provide of chemical substances
  • Breakdown in sharing of legislation enforcement information with EU international locations
  • Gibraltar not ready sufficient
  • Fishing wars between UK and EU vessels
  • Hard border in Ireland

Implications of Operation Yellowhammer