Operation Yellowhammer: What it means for UK fishing rights

The Yellowhammer documents show the government's concern over clashses between 'fishing vessels' on day one of no-deal
The Yellowhammer paperwork present the federal government’s concern over clashses between ‘fishing vessels’ on day considered one of no-deal

There could possibly be a ‘significant rise in the number of fishing vessels entering waters illegally’ if the have been to go away the EU with out a deal, based on the Yellowhammer paperwork.

Up to ‘282 EU and EEA fishing vessels’ could possibly be in UK waters illegally, on day considered one of no-deal Brexit, the federal government warns.

The six web page Yellowhammer paperwork clarify the federal government’s fears that it may result in ‘clashes between fishing vessels’.

The papers additionally set out the affect the federal government expects a no-deal situation to have on meals provides, delays on the border, civil dysfunction, gasoline disruption and rising electrical energy costs, in addition to on water provides.

Here’s what the doc says concerning the affect on UK fishing rights: ‘Up to 282 EU and EEA nations fishing vessels may enter illegally, or already be fishing in UK waters (Up to 129 vessels in English waters, 100 vessels in Scottish waters, 40 vessels in Welsh waters, 13 vessels in Northern Irish waters) on day one.



‘This is more likely to trigger anger and frustration within the UK catching sector, which may result in each clashes between fishing vessels and a rise in non-compliance within the home fleet.

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‘Competing demands on UK Government and DA maritime agencies and their assets could put enforcement and response capabilities at risk, especially in the event of concurrent or cumulative incidents, which are likely to include; illegal fishing, border violations (smuggling and illegal migration), and any disorder or criminality arising as a result, e.g. violent disputes or blockading of ports.  (Defra, HO and the DAs in respect of fisheries protection).’

What does Operation Yellowhammer warn of?

  • Three months of disruption at Channel crossings
  • Two-and-a-half day delays for lorries coming into the UK
  • Immigration delays for UK vacationers heading to Europe
  • Rise in protests and public dysfunction
  • Disruption to gasoline provides
  • ‘Significant’ electrical energy worth rises
  • ‘Severe extended delays’ to drugs provides
  • Animal illness outbreaks
  • Reduction in provides of recent meals
  • Supermarket worth rises
  • Panic-buying
  • Lack of fresh water as a consequence of failure in provide of chemical compounds
  • Breakdown in sharing of legislation enforcement knowledge with EU nations
  • Gibraltar not ready sufficient
  • Fishing wars between UK and EU vessels
  • Hard border in Ireland

Implications of Operation Yellowhammer



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